Pictured: Krakow main square and the VIP Club. One of many 1920's Chicago style stories in modern day Poland.

Class action lawsuits against Polish clubs

Class action lawsuits are being organized against clubs in Poland. The first is the VIP Club in Krakow. Others will soon follow.

Join the class action here

Victims of clubs in Poland are being asked to come forward to strengthen the lawsuits.

As individuals with no witnesses to crimes, we are weak, but together, we are strong.

This website and associated activity is organized and maintained by a victim of the VIP club in Krakow, Poland.

If you are also a victim of a club in Poland, and you would like to join a class action lawsuit, or have or need any information about a case, you may contact our representative advocate Ryszard Rydiger.

You can also contact myself at vipclubscam@gmail.com.

Goals of the Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes face the legal consequences of their actions.

  2. Spread news of these club’s activities so that all visitors to Poland are aware of the danger.

  3. Return any recoverable funds to the victims of the clubs.

Get involved

You have nothing to loose by sending us an email! All contact will be kept in strict confidence.