Pictured: Krakow main square and the VIP Club. One of many 1920's Chicago style stories in modern day Poland.

Class action against Polish clubs

Class action is being organized against both Polish clubs, and the financial institutions that support organised crime and the drugging and robbing of travellers via systemic issues with the chip and pin charge-back system.

More than $100,000 USD in stolen funds is currently being claimed by our members alone. Visa in particular, despite thousands of similar complaints over the past decade, continues to support businesses that operate by drugging and robbing their customers.

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If you have just been defrauded, in addition to clicking the join link above, please read this FAQ.

Our members report that card fraud is currently occurring at the following clubs:

VIP Club Krakow
Club Dopamina Warsaw
Pleasure ClubKrakow
Passion ClubWroclaw
Black PearlKrakow
Coyote ClubWarsaw

From online reports, we are also aware that card fraud is occurring at these clubs:

Touch ClubPoznan
Paradise Strip ClubKrakow
Club MinusWarsaw
Exotic ClubWarsaw
Wild OrchidGdansk

If you are aware of card fraud occurring at further clubs, or have been a victim of card fraud yourself, please register with us as your testimony strengthens cases against club owners.

Why join together?

As individuals with no witnesses to crimes, we are weak, but together, we are strong.

This website and associated activity is organized and maintained by a victim of the VIP club in Krakow, Poland.

If you are also a victim of a club in Poland, and you would like to join a class action lawsuit, or have or need any information about a case, you can contact us at vipclubscam@gmail.com.

PolishClubScams.org Goals

  1. Ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes face the legal consequences of their actions.

  2. Spread news of these club’s activities so that all visitors to Poland are aware of the danger.

  3. Return any recoverable funds to the victims of the clubs.

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