The chain of clubs formerly known as ‘Cocomo’ has been present in cities throughout Poland since 2011. The chain was founded by Jan Szybawski, following his release from prison after serving time for previous fraud charges. At the present time the clubs no longer use a consistent brand or signage, however the ownership, management and practices of the clubs remain unchanged.

These clubs are known for defrauding unsuspecting tourists of millions of dollars of foreign currency.

Since the founding of these clubs in 2011, reports of card fraud have continued to roll in.

About the clubs

Some typical examples of these clubs are described below.

VIP Club (Krakow)

Complaints from more than 40 individuals have been levelled against the VIP Club on this forum alone.

The statistics collected from victims of the clubs are compelling.

Survey responses from the question “Do you believe you were drugged at the club?”

More than three quarters of people believe that they were drugged at this club. Similar statistics are reported for other related clubs. Despite the date rape drug GHB having been detected in drinks and the bloodstreams of customers by the Polish police, and routine complaints to Visa and local authorities since 2011, this network of clubs is still operating.

These clubs are hazardous to enter and are a terrible blemish on the otherwise beautiful cities of Poland.

Do not go to these clubs, and never, ever give them a bank card, no matter how trustworthy and friendly they seem.