I’ve just been scammed, what do I do?

1) Contact your bank immediately and follow any instructions they give you to initiate a chargeback.

This will probably involve your bank asking you to fill out a dispute resolution form, which will ask for details including:

a) Disputed transactions

b) Dispute type

c) Total sum under dispute

d) Some personal details

You may need to put some pressure on your bank for them to initiate a Chargeback. The majority of banks will not disclose the existence of such a process. However it is important to persist with your bank. A Chargeback is a globally available process that exists for all credit and debit cards, including chip and pin cards.

2) File a report with the Polish police.

Filing a police report is an essential first step.

Filing a Police report from Poland

The police in Poland have a legal obligation to:

a) Take your statement, which will be translated into Polish by an official police provided translator.

b) Notify you of any outcomes by post, in your own language, provided you have an address in Poland. It is possible to use our address if you do not have a Polish address.

Our address is:

Moniuszki 18/1 31-523 Cracow, Poland

Filing a police report from outside of Poland

If you are a citizen of the UK you should contact Action Fraud.

If you have already left Poland and are unable to file a complaint yourself, we will submit a Police complaint on your behalf as part of our group complaint.

3) Fill out the Power of attorney form

Download power of attorney authorization form

Please ensure you complete the Polish side of the form (only the Polish side has legal standing in Poland) and include both the name of the club and your name and signature.

The English side of the form is provided only as a translation and has no legal standing in Poland.

The attached form is necessary as it allows us to represent you in the Polish Court system. Please return the signed and scanned form to vipclubscam@gmail.com and fc@slizcurylo.pl or post the signed form to:

Kancelaria Adwokacka w Krakowie
ul. Moniuszki 18/1, 31-523 Kraków

4) Register with Polish Club scams

5) Obtain a drug test if possible.

Obtaining a drug test within 6-12 hours of the fraud

You may have been drugged. If you were drugged in the previous 6 to 12 hours, it is possible to be drug tested using blood or urine sampling, and the Polish police will theoretically provide this testing.

Obtaining a drug test a week or more after the fraud

Delayed testing can be carried out through hair sampling, but this is more difficult and more expensive than blood or urine sampling.

6) Help us!

Finally, we’d love help with promoting both this website, and publicising the issues that exist with fraud prevention technology at many banks, and the general issues with the chip and pin card system.

If you’d like to write an article about your bank, and your experience with them, we’d love to help promote it.

Get in touch!