The following testimonials have been provided by citizens of the countries marked below.

Recollections from the club(s)


I was initially approached to enter the club by a person on the street and they led me there. Once I was in the club, I was greeted by another person who took me to my seat in a booth in a public room. Once seated, I was approached by a dark-haired woman who sat close to me and made very interesting conversation.

She had knowledge of Krakow, and talked about the dance clubs, restaurants, Salt Mines and skiing in Zakopane. As I had only just arrived in Krakow, this was all very interesting conversation for me. I was asked to buy a drink for myself, and then also the dark-haired woman to keep her company. The price of the drink for the dark-haired woman was clearly inflated, but I realised I was also buying her company, so consented to pay the price. In addition to the drinks I ordered, some cherry vodka was offered, which I was told was complimentary (free).

After some further conversation, I was invited to a private room for a lap dance. I asked the price and was advised that the price would be 120 pln for 10 minutes, which I accepted. This was the last money I expected to pay at the club.

Once in the private room, I tried to pay by cash but was told that only card payment was accepted. I said initially that card payment was not possible, and that I was surprised that paying for services using polish currency was not possible in Poland. At this time, I should have been very suspicious, but unfortunately, unfamiliar with culture and customs here, not having heard of such a scam before, and after consuming a (potentially spiked) drink, which I did not order or pay for, I was not as suspicious as I should have been.

The women got upset when I refused to pay by card. They said they could give me a much lower price if I paid by card, and that if they broke the rules and accepted cash payment, they would get in trouble with their boss. After some time, I consented and agreed to pay by card.

For each time I tried to pay by card, I was told that the transaction had been declined and that we could tell when the transaction had been declined because the declined receipts showed a black stripe on them. At one point, I asked to see a receipt so I could translate the receipt text on my phone, as I could not understand why my card would decline. The translation of the text on the receipt I was given did say that my card was declining according to google translate.

I also queried the NZD text on the receipt as I was concerned that I was potentially being charged in my local currency. The women assured me that the NZD meant that I was using a New Zealand card only and that the charge we were attempting to make to the card would only be charged in PLN.

At this point I attempted to log into my internet banking account, to see what the issue with payment was. My bank will have a record of this login attempt. However, I had recently changed my banking password and my phone recalled the old password, which locked me out of my account so I could not see what was happening.

I was delayed in the room as we attempted to sort out payment. During this time, the women provided further complementary drinks, which I began to decline, as I did not want to get drunk.

Finally, after we were not able to make a ‘successful’ payment, the women suggested we go to the ATM, which we did. They advised me I owed them 1000 pln, which I felt was more than what they said I would owe them, but by this time I just wanted to go back to my accommodation, so I preferred to pay, avoid further trouble, and part ways.

In addition, the dark-haired women and I had discussed meeting on Friday to go skiing in Zakopane and to a steak restaurant that she recommended to me.

At 5:01 am on Thursday morning, only minutes after I had left the club, I sent the dark-haired women (to a fake number now I’m sure) a text message saying.

“Lovely to meet you tonight. I’m sorry payment was so difficult. Please come join me for steak and maybe skiing on Friday”.


Arrived at club after girls at the door asked us in. Once in I remember being at the bar getting a drink then literally nothing for hours until I was walking around krakow disorientated the following morning.


I was walking on the city center, after I drink some beers in some pub clubs I decide to go back to the apartment that I rent by AIRBNB, it was right in front of the main square. When I was walking to it a girl approach to me and invited me to have a drink with her in a club, I accept and she brings me to the club. Then I notice that it’s a strip club, but anyway I accept to get inside and take a look before going to sleep, when I was there a woman sits by my side, and start a conversation, I ask to have a beer, and a men come with my beer but also with two shots of something that appears to be vodka, they said they are for free, to be honestly I don’t use to drink vodka in shots, that’s something weird of where I come from. So I don’t drink them, and after a few minutes talking with the woman, she ask me to drink the shots, I say no thanks because I don’t use to drink vodka and no either in shots, then she says something like “oh come on” and approach the drinks to my mouth, she makes me drink them in a fast way, the last thing I remember clear is that I wanted to vomit those shots, but I think I didn’t, and after that I don’t remember almost anything, the day after that I feel like a low capacity to think, I almost can’t talk, my mind was blacked out, I had everything with me but my credit cards wasn’t as I use to have them on my wallet, so I call the banks and both banks told me that my cards was charged with almost 10 000 €! They charge my cards until they get empty, including a credit card of the company that I work to.


I went to the club convinced by a public relations in the street. Once I got inside I paid for a beer (I can say that all the time I was there they offered me additionally a lot of alcohol). Then a girl sat down close to me, in order to seduce me. I paid for one drinks girl. Until here everything was charged correctly and in Zloty.

After the girl offered me a private service in a private room. I was very drunk and at the beginning I did not want to accept. Finally she arrived to convince me and I paid for that service. The public relations told me that the price was 640 zloty so I agreed. The party continued and they told me I had to pay again around 400 zloty. At that moment, fortunately, the charge was refused by the bank. The girl told me that I could go to an ATM and withdraw 40 zloty, coming back and paying cash in order to continue with her. I did that and when I went back they had made everything disappear and the girl was not in the private room. The manager girl told me that time was expired and we argued. Finally I left the Club.

The day after I realized that instead of charging me 640 zloty they charged me 640 euros.


I entered the strip club around 5:30am. I purchased a 50pln drink special for beer which included a free shot. I paid for this on CC (right from the start they charged me 800pln without me realising), the next few hours were extremely blurry and I can barely remember anything. When I eventually came too I was told I owed a massive sum which I said I couldn’t pay - so they took all my cash (900pln off me). When I got home I saw that 5000AUD/17000PLN was missing from my card.


We went for dinner. After dinner we visited VIP club. We were there with a group of 20 people, but we didn’t really like it. Most of us left. I stayed behind, together with 2 other friends. We were not drinking at all. After a while my 2 other friends left, but i don’t remember much of that. I stayed behind. I was taken to a private room. They were pushing us to drink little shots from the moment we entered. I’m not the type of guy that gets drunk very soon. I was really sick the next few days, not like a normal hangover. I remembered, I paid a few times with my bank card and that the waitress was telling me that the transactions failed – so I entered my pin code a few times. Afterwards, it looked like I used 3 bank cards to pay. For 1 of those cards, the transaction was rejected. I also remember the staff in the club took my wallet and tried to use mu bank cards themselves. At the end, the club paid for the taxi to the hotel.


Went in with a friend. Got taken to a room for a private dance, In there i payed for a drink and they gave me a free shot, i had to enter my pin number a couple of times as the first time it got ‘declined’ another drink later and a couple more shots i remember entering my card pin again unkowingly i was being drugged…Awful expierence as the next day i still hadn’t realised the outcome and i collapsed on the floor, Never felt like that before in my life, It was’t until the next day i checked my bank balance i noticed they had taken out the money.


Bought a drink then approached by one of the girls who explained the prices then went to a room for a private dance the girl then brought a couple of cherry flavoured drinks to try after first dance asked if I wanted another one & told the price of 200 Zloyts had no cash but said I could pay for by card but charged me £200 on my card 3 times by telling me my card wasn’t working I went to the toilet after 20 mins & was offered 2 girls for an hour for 500 Zloyts but when I went to pay by card I saw the GBP sign on the machine & refused to pay they told me it would divide into Zloyts once I had entered my pin I said I have to go to toilet again stupidly leaving my card behind when I came back they kept asking me to enter my pin so I entered the incorrect number 3 times to block my card asked to leave then which I did but when I got back to Hotel checked my bank account & discovered they had taken 2 X £520 out of my account whilst I was in the toilet.


Taken to the club with a friend by a young man who approached us on the street. Free shot on arrival and I paid for two beers on the credit card I always use outside the UK. I have a receipt for this - 38 zloty at 02.06 am.

It is a bit hazy after that. I recall a dark haired woman being with me all of the time in a public area and other women coming and going. At no time do I remember agreeing to pay for any further drinks or services. After a while, I became aware that my friend was no longer with me and that is when I attempted to leave and was initially restrained.

On exiting I received messages from both my credit card suppliers querying transactions in the club. They attempted to take a further approx £800 from the card that I had paid for the beers with. The card provider declined these. My other card (Tesco) that I have no recollection of using at all though it was in my pocked, was charged just under £400 and despite Tesco themselves alerting me to it they processed the payment and will not now accept that it was fraudulent or provide a refund.

I texted my friend at 03:20 telling him to leave if he was still there as they had scammed my credit card. I received a text back at 03.42 saying he was lost. He made it back to the apartment just before 04:00. He had 3 transactions on his Tesco credit card for around £400 each. He had also been walked to an ATM to withdraw cash for them.


1) I was drugged and then - administrator chitted with the price. Instead of published price for the private dance - card transaction was significantly more. 3 dances took over 5000 pln 2) after I left the club my card was scammed and amount of withdrawn money 5000. I’m sure that guys have access to confidential informations re ATMs of Euronet network


Entered the Club dopamina on the night from Friday 11 to Saturday 12 of May 2018. There was a girl in the streets making publicity for club dopamina in the streets and was offered free drinks if going there. The girl (called Saskia) accompanied myself the Club Dopamina and then she left again to follow her job in the streets. Despite of the free drink I was offered, I ordered a beer at the bar After this I do not remember nearly anything. I paid my drinks in cash as I did not have Credit or debit cards on me. I must have been later accompanied to my hotel to pick up my credit cards and more cash. After this they brought me back to the club and make me pin large amounts on my debit card up to the account was empty. When I had a nearly clear mind at approx. 7:20 am I found my self in front of the Club in the street. I checked my phone and have seen messages from my Bank with the different amounts being charged on my account. I called 112 to get help from the police. They told me, that they were not able to help and that I would have to go to the police station which I did not do. I got a taxi back to the hotel and slept all day.


My friend I met a girl on a street and she ask if we would like to join here to a great location. We thought OK. Then we were inside and had to drink a shot we also had to pay for. Then my memory lost. My friend sad he was on the WC and after sad I was somwhere else. I can remeber thet a bigger lady ask me a view times for my card to pay and she sad that my PIN was frong but actually not. I lost 598,59€


I was taken into back room with a dancer, after a while I was brought over a shot and was then asked to pay on my card. I don’t remember much after that but it transpired that they had used my card 9 times taking it to the £4000 credit limit, took my drivers license (which I had to go back to get (they had at least 5 other people’s IDs there)), taken my phone from my pocket to lie about my location to a friend who was asking where I was (presumably unlocking the phone using my fingerprint), replied to a ‘fraud-check’ text from my bank to allow the transactions to go through. They also would not let my friends come and and get me. My friends asked for help from nearby police who were not interested. I gave a statement to Polish police a couple of days later and they were fully aware of the club and had it heard it many times before.


I was sitting on one of the sofas chatting to a few friends and at least one of the girls who worked there… This is where my mind goes blank. My friend says that all of a sudden i was slumped in the chair. This isn’t something i normally do as i have a fairly good grasp of when I’ve had enough to drink and make my way home. I dont recall getting back to my appartment nor what i did in the time between then and me leaving the club. I quickly realised that my wallet and phone were no longer with me. That night i returned to the club to see if anything had been handed in to no avail. I contacted my card companies and one of them had been used 9 times in various places around the square in shops like Zara and Next at different points during the day. Having read other peoples reviews and testimonies i am convinced that the same thing has happened to me.


I was drugged, led away at 4am by a taxi driver to get more money, then started to come round and the taxi driver drove off. £600 taken in polish zlotty.


I will go inside an drink, a lady start to dance with me and after they want money but i dont order. Than she told me go for a private dance back in a other room. i say ok for one dance. Then i dont remeber much, but i will gave them my atm card and next day i see that in need 2000 Fr.


offered free drinks by the people outside of the club. went in just for a beer. got offered a dance with no price tag and with the dance I was offered 2 cherry shots one for me and one for the dancer. the dancer did not take a shot which I thought was odd and then the night became hazy. I remember going to an atm because my card was declined (thanks Chase) and they were trying to get me to take out cash for them. The card stopped working after $200 was taking out of a foreign ATM (also, thank you Chase). After that I left because I couldn’t pay.


Walked into the club - was fairly sober then have no memory - stories from friends are i went for a private dance and then disappeared, was found by my friends lying in the street outside and not able to talk or walk. checked bank next day my cards had been maxxed out and all the cash had been stolen from my wallet


I was sitted in a sofa,i was told its 50 zl for all you can drink. drinks were served, I drank about 3 shots of vodka. A stripper girl sat next to me and started to talk to me to get to know me. then the waitress came with a credit card machine. I was starting to feel drunk really fast. She offered me to pay 250 zl for a drink for the lady as seen on the menu. I told her that I will pay with cash. she refused and had no good reason for this. eventually i agreed and gave her my credit card. she took it into the machine and asked me to enter pin code. I entered it and she said its not good. asked me to enter it again for a few times until it was fine. I then became even more drowsy and can barely remember what happend. next thing I know Im in a hospital throwing up without stopping. the nurse tried to shove a tube down my nose, I think to test if I bleed in the stomach or something. eventually I stopped vommiting and slept there for the night.


On 27.09.2018 at 01:32 I was robbed by using knockout drops. It took place in Night Club VIP, Mikolajska 4, 31-100 Krakow. They charged almost everything from my Mastercard credit card. The amount was 440.98 euros. I have a receipt of this. Receipt mentions VIP CLUB and also SIX Payment Service.

At first a dark haired university student on the street came to me and told me of the restaurant. He then took me there. He worked for the restaurant.

I remember the faces of two staff members. One dark haired lady charged 440.98 euros from my Mastercard credit card 5430 XXXX XXXX 3900. They even tried to charge 697.28 euros from my VISA card but fortunately it failed. I have a screenshot of this attempt. I am being told that even an attempt of crime is punishable by law.

The other lady who was working was blonde and said her name is Julia. She said she is from a smaller town in Poland with 150000 residents. She too brought me small drinks which were spiked with knockout drops. They caused a painful headache the next morning. I was very worried about my health.

This 440.98 euros is now pending on my card. It has not gone thru yet. My Nordea Bank said they cannot do anything to cancel it. I want the Police to contact Night Club VIP and SIX Payment Service and cancel this payment immediately.


I was walking along Nowy Świat after having dinner and drinks. So far I had consumed one glass of whiskey, one cocktail, and one shot over the course of two hours. I was tipsy - in a good mood but mentally clear. I was greeted by a young man with long blonde hair, who suggested I come to a ‘party in our club’. Being my last night in Poland, after a good week, despite it being late I decided to try it - I could always leave, I thought. We arrived and I realized it was a strip club, which don’t usually interest me, and so I turned to leave. But the staff offered me a drink, and so I thought I would take that, then leave. I was given a wristband by the a woman at the front counter. One of the women at the counter showed me downstairs and directed me to a couch to sit. The room was very dark, with dim blue/red room lights and a brightly illuminated bar. The woman asked if I wanted a drink. I did not like the venue much, so I asked for a glass of water, and intended to leave. I was not really given the chance. The bottle of water (I asked again for a glass, but they said they would only provide bottled water) arrived with a shot. I was content with drinking my water, but before I could finish it a girl sat with me and introduced herself as Natalia (or probably Natalja in Polish). She asked me what I assume are pretty standard questions - where I am from, if I like ‘spending time with girls’, and so on. She pointed out my shot and I said I was fine with water. She picked it up and handed it to me and said “But why not, it’s free! And only liqueur, not so strong.” and so I thought, well, that’s no problem. So I took the shot.

In hindsight, I suspect that this shot was drugged, but I am not sure what with. I suspect it was not just extra strong alcohol. I worked as a bartender - I know what strong alcohol tastes like, and I know how I can handle my liquor. A spiked drink is the only rational explanation for the degree of my intoxication once I left the club, given the volume of alcohol I knowingly consumed in such a long time, as described below.

I spoke more with Natalja and several times was prompted by the woman from upstairs to ‘buy the lady a drink’. I was shown a menu of items, such as ‘intrigue’, ‘kiss’, ‘desire’, etc, with no further description. The prices increased down the list. I did not know what exactly these were - or how much time they were. I paid for one, and was given a receipt. I did not check the receipt, but I put it in my back pocket, as is my habit. I bought a glass of cognac for myself. After some time, I cannot say for sure how long, the woman returned and suggested I buy another drink ‘for the lady’. On reflection, I was becoming very suggestible at this point, and acquiesced to another purchase. Natalja suggested a private room. I asked how much this was, and was told a number around 900 zloty. I was alarmed, and excused myself to the bathroom. In hindsight, I realize now that my speech was slurring and that I was having difficulty walking straight. Considering I had four drinks in three hours, there is no way I could have been so drunk purely from alcohol. In the bathroom I somehow decided that this was an acceptable amount for my last purchase in Warsaw, as it had been a low-cost week and I’d never taken a private room with a stripper, and I convinced myself I was curious.

We were shown to the room, and Natalja put some music on. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it wasn’t good. She danced and picked me up off the chair to dance with her, but I had difficulty standing up. When, to my surprise, the woman from upstairs came back, she suggested rather forcefully that I should buy the lady a drink. So I paid with my Australian Mastercard debit card, as I did for all purchases at this club. I was shown the same menu, Natalja picked an item, and I kept the receipt. I do not recall reading the price on the EFT machine, or even if it was visible at all. By the time Natalja had stripped, I was unable to focus my vision and felt like something was wrong. I needed to leave, but could not bring myself to stand up. Indeed, when the woman returned again, I was easily convinced to pay for another drink. Shortly after I managed to get myself together and tried to leave. Natalja stood in front of the door, trying to convince me to stay. I made it past her, but then she grabbed my arm and said “your glasses are in there!” - she was right, I was not wearing them, and she had taken them off me earlier. I wear glasses to correct for weak near-sightedness (approx -1.25,-0.75) and my vision is fine in short distances. The difficulty with my vision earlier cannot be explained by my eyesight. As I put on my glasses, suddenly Natalja was blocking my way to the door with another woman, who I had not seen before. They asked “what’s wrong, what happened?” in a pleading tone, but I somehow brought myself to leave. I walked with no idea of where I was going, but followed a familiar road until I found a pizza stand, ate, and took a taxi back to my residence. In the taxi I could not sit up straight and leaned against the wall of the car. Somehow, I made it home safely.

The next morning, I wondered how much I had actually spent in the club. I checked the Commonwealth Bank app on my phone and was mortified to see that half of my savings had gone. I suspected fraud, and checked the receipts. The receipts accurately reflected the prices that were indicated on my bank balance. Something was clearly very wrong. I googled the club’s name, in attempt to contact them and complain or seek a refund, and one of the first results in the google search was the website for a class-action lawsuit against a number of clubs in Poland, including Club Dopamina, where the described events took place.


On 29.12.2017, I and my 2 friends left Meta bar (on Foksal). We were then approached by a female hostess who invited us to Dopamina Club just across the street. We entered the club at around 2:30 am, where we were given a table. My friend ordered 3 beers (which he paid for) and I ordered 4 shots (which I paid for). The waitress then came back with our drinks and 3 other female hostesses came to sit with us. The hostesses tried to persuade us to each go for a private dance. However, I specifically remember that I did not want to do that, so instead I bought the hostess to whom I was talking a drink for 87 PLN (so she could make some money). The last thing I remember was going with her to dance, before waking up the next morning with no recollection of what happened after. From 3:30-4:30 am, my card was used to make 5 transactions, amounting to 13179 PLN. All evidence afterwards suggests I was drugged (either before the dance, during or both) and my card was abused.